Looking Forward to Seeing Everyone Again

Dear Cal State East Bay community,

Over the last few weeks, we have experienced moments that show a return to our pre-pandemic activities. Graduates and their families celebrated at our Car-mencement ceremonies, including many of our own staff who have continued their education at our beloved university. I’ve heard from many people about how they are enjoying long-delayed family celebrations, now that they and their loved ones are vaccinated. And I know many of us are enjoying the relaxed restrictions that allow our places of worship, favorite restaurants and recreational venues to permit greater operations and attendance. 

Next week, our campuses will be livelier than they have in nearly 15 months. New students will attend some in-person orientation sessions. The RAW and Starbucks both reopen June 1. Many of our staff have returned to their offices, and we anticipate having almost 40 percent of our classes held in-person this fall. It’s an exciting time and I wanted to share a few thoughts in a video message.

I know that this “new normal” brings questions about social protocols, operating standards and even the CSU vaccine requirements. Much of this information continues to emerge so we have created a website where we can update what we know today, as we work toward being together again. This website, Today, Toward Together, is a hub for information and will evolve. There is a link for comments or questions if you have suggestions on additions that will help our university community return to the vibrant campuses we were. 

We will continue to follow regional, state and national public health guidance, which as we’ve seen, change frequently. 

Thank you for all you do for our students, and will do in the coming months.