Interim Remedies

Academic Accommodations

The University is committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of the victim. A student who has been a victim of discrimination, harassment, or retaliation including sexual misconduct may request an academic accommodation or change in residence after a report of sexual misconduct. Any individual who makes a request will receive an appropriate and reasonable accommodation. Possible requests include the ability to change academic schedules or work schedules, withdraw from or retake a class without penalty, access academic support such as tutoring services, and change residence hall assignments. Pursuant to Title IX, in most cases of sexual violence or sex discrimination, the University will endeavor, to the extent practicable, to change the schedule or accommodations of the accused student prior to changing the schedule or accommodations of the victim.

Interim Measures

In situations where it is necessary, the University will take immediate steps to protect victims pending the final outcome of an investigation. These steps include the accommodations listed above in addition to issuing no contact orders. Pending resolution of the complaint, the accused may be prohibited from contacting the victim and may be placed on suspension or denied access to campus. The University may also change the course schedule for the accused for disciplinary procedures related to acts of sexual misconduct.