College of Health Implementation Task Force

In follow-up to the findings of the College of Health Feasibility Task Force in Spring 2022, this Implementation Task Force has been established to consider reconfiguring existing select departments into a new College of Health.

Task Force Members:

  • Adrian Ayllons, Student
  • Paul Carpenter, Kinesiology
  • Elena Dukhovny, Speech Language and Hearing Science
  • Lara Dungan, Academic Programs and Services
  • Monika Eckfield, Nursing
  • Suzanne Espinoza; Co-chair, Student Affairs and Enrollment Management
  • Rafael Hernandez, Academic Resources and Planning
  • Balvinder Kumar, Office of the President
  • Winnie Kwofie, Facilities Development and Operation
  • Gene Lim, ITS Technology Development
  • Arnab Mukherjea, Public Health
  • Wendy Ng, College of Letters, Arts, and Social Sciences
  • Jen Ripley, University Advancement
  • Gangaram Singh, College of Business and Economics
  • Jason Singley; Co-chair, College of Science
  • Sarah Taylor, Social Work
  • John Wenzler, Library
  • Robert Williams, College of Education and Allied Studies
  • Vanessa Yingling, Kinesiology


The principal charge to the College of Health Implementation Task Force will be to develop an implementation plan for reconfiguring the departments of Kinesiology, Nursing, Public Health, Social Work, and Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences, and any other relevant departments or programs, into a new College of Health (COH). The earliest this change will take place would be fall semester 2024.

This effort will occur in parallel with an effort that Provost Jacobs will launch to reconfigure the remaining Colleges, the goal of which will be to maintain a strong, relevant, equity-minded, and financially sustainable organizational structure for the future within the context of our financial resources.

Task Force members should proactively address our equity and anti-racism goals throughout the process. Elements of the implementation plan should include:

  • Identification of FTE faculty and staff, and budget, to be reassigned to the new College
  • Identification of new administrative and staff FTE needed for College administration
  • Other financial implications (e.g., potential salary equity expense)
  • Working with the Academic Senate, identify revisions needed in Senate Policy to reflect this organizational change and outline a timeline for that process
  • Renovation plans to upgrade COH lab and other spaces as funds become available
  • Preliminary location and space plan for new COH Dean’s office
  • Identification of potential individual and foundation donors, as well as grant opportunities, to support the COH
  • Incorporation of the themes of social/health equity and palliative care into the COH in response to current and projected regional healthcare needs
  • Identification of any IT systems or platforms needed to support the new College of Health
  • Identification of any additional issues to address in implementing this change

In addition, this Task Force will work with the president’s office to provide ongoing updates as well as sponsor open forums and retreats as needed to engage the Cal State East Bay community in this planning process.

Task Force members are encouraged to consult with the campus community as needed, for example budget and finance and marketing/outreach. A preliminary progress report is anticipated by the end of spring semester 2023 with the goal of announcing a final plan during fall semester 2023.

Town Hall:

Town Hall Zoom Recordings
Date: Feb 23, 2023 Recording: Watch Zoom Recording Passcode: .=L?36Zb
Date: April 27, 2023 Recording: Watch Zoom Recording Passcode: YrH^.4oB



College of Health Implementation Task Force Interim Report | May 2023


  • Community members may submit suggestions and feedback on the Spring 2023 Town Hall sessions here.