Enrollment and Budget Gap Tiger Teams


In January 2023, the CSU Chancellor's Office unveiled a plan to reallocate state funds from campuses that are 10% or more below their targets to campuses that are 10% above their targets.

As one of the campuses that are over 10% below target, Cal State East Bay established two new administrative committees or Tiger Teams. Led by teams of administrators, these committees will focus on developing a specific plan and timeline to increase our our California resident undergraduate enrollment, recruitment and retention; and identifying options to close the budget gap.


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Enrollment Gap Tiger Team



Katie Avila Director, Student Outreach
Rafael Hernandez Deputy Provost, Academic Resources and Planning
Jake Hornsby Associate Vice President & CIO, Information Technology Solutions
Balvinder Kumar Special Assistant to the President, Office of the President
Angela Hummel Associate Vice President, Enrollment Management
Mitch Watnik Associate Dean, Academic Programs and Services
Fanny Yeung (Chair) Associate Vice President/ALO, Institutional Strategy & Effectiveness

The following achievements reflect our progress and ongoing commitment to improving the enrollment rate of our university. Please view the Enrollment Tiger Team infographic for more information.

Embracing an Online Education

  • Spotlighting online programs.
  • Developing new fully online 2-year and 4-year bachelor's degree programs.
  • Offering online tutoring, advising, accessibility, and library services.

Meeting Students Where They Are

  • Partnering with community colleges to develop pathways for cross-enrollment.
  • Developing blended programs, allowing students to apply for BA/BS and MA/MS degrees at entry.

Enhancing Recruitment and Retention Strategies

  • Targeting "no-shows" for deferred enrollment with streamlined application process with no fee.
  • Marketing to eligible and discontinued students.
  • Incorporating learning support in high DFW courses.

Recording from March 28 Enrollment Deep Dive:


online program schedules

Budget Gap Tiger Team



Myeshia Armstrong (Chair) Vice President, Administration and Finance
Monique Cornelius University Budget Officer, Budget & Finance
Rafael Hernandez Deputy Provost, Academic Resources and Planning
Fa'aalu Lealaimatafao Director Budget & Operations, Student Affairs
Maureen Pasag Associate Vice President, Financial Services
Veronica Salvador Director Administrative Processes, Administration and Finance

The following achievements reflect our progress and ongoing commitment to improving the financial stability of our university.

Driving Financial Progress: Deficit Reduction and Strategic Budgeting

  • Reducing current budget deficit by 26% with the elimination of vacant/open positions.
  • Further decreasing budget shortfall with surplus balances from the Divisions.
  • Implementing strategic budget reductions in FY 2023-24 based on the marginal cost of instruction.
  • Implementing Utility Savings Pilot Program to reduce energy consumption and utility costs.

Recording from April 22 Budget Deep Dive: