Post-COVID Opportunity Scan

On Feb. 1, 2021, Cal State East Bay President Cathy Sandeen launched the Post-COVID Opportunity Scan, a brainstorming and planning initiative. She asked members of the university community to reflect on our operations during the COVID-19 pandemic for lessons learned and practices that could be retained during normal operations. 

The survey identified many “silver linings” from the pandemic—new processes and practices to continue and even expand once the university moves into more face-to-face operations.

In the overall summary, there was tremendous consensus across the university's various units, and they aligned in key categories, which were echoed in the colleges' and divisions scans, as well as individual responses. (Note: to preserve anonymity, we will not post the individual comments.) 

Additional surveys distributed to the university community sought input from students, faculty and staff on Fall 2021 course preferences and campus staffing schedules

Overall Scan Summary

Flexible Work Arrangements 

  • Remote work 
  • Mixed modality work 
  • Alternate scheduling
  • (technology, policy/bargaining)* 

Expanded Service Hours for Students 

  • Advising 
  • Office hours 
  • Nurse advice line 
  • Chatbots
  • (technology, policy/bargaining) 

Flexible Teaching Modalities 

  • Hybrid, mixed modality 
  • Digital classrooms 
  • More fully online programs 
  • (technology, policy/bargaining) 

Virtual Meeting Options 

  • Business meetings 
  • Student services 
  • Events 
  • Mixed modality 
  • (technology) 

Automate Business Operations 

  • Digital forms and approvals 
  • Streamlined workflows 
  • New/expanded technology platforms
  • (technology, policy) 

Coordinated Communication 

  • More communication in multiple channels 
  • Some structure (who communicates about what) 
  • Coordination with EOC
  • (policy, practice, technology) 

Rethink Space Needs 

  • Classroom size and configuration 
  • Shared space and offices due to flexible work arrangements 
  • Technology supported spaces (mixed modality meetings) 
  • (technology, facilities) 

Maintain Innovative Spirit 

  • (culture, policy) 

*Italicized = where we need to invest or what needs to change to make possible March 2021 

Results summary (PDF)

Colleges and Divisions Summaries

(accessible PDFs)